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Offering a Wide Variety of Tax Management Solutions

Need tax advice? You’ve come to the right place. Put our team of expert lawyers to work for you. We give you the best and most straightforward advice to help keep you out of trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency, whether you’re dealing with personal or business matters. Our services include:

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring

Cash flow problems, Collections, Creditor Issues?

Our team can help navigate, if appropriate, various alternatives to bankruptcy. We also work closely with Trustees in Bankruptcy.
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Business Advice

Corporate Structures, Re-Organizations and Sales of Businesses.

We can provide a clear, tax - efficient roadmap to improve or modify current corporate structures.
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CRB Clawbacks

CRA Reassessments Leading to Tax Debt

We can review and assess your CERB/CEWS Payments and assist with CRA ReAssessments.
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CRA Assessments

Objections and Disputes

We help resolve unreported income and asset issues to eliminate CRA criminal legal action, penalties, and interest.
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CRA Audits

CRA Audits

CRA audits can challenge taxpayers. Our experienced tax team can help you safely navigate the process.
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CRA Collection Problem

CRA Legal Action

Tax arrears can quickly escalate to legal action. You need professional help to handle and manage CRA collections.
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CRA Net Worth Audits and Reassessments

CRA Net Worth Assessments

Net worth lifestyle audits are frequently incorrect and grossly overstate taxable income. Our experienced tax team can ensure that you pay what you should.
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CRA Penalties and Interest

CRA Penalties and Interest

The CRA can add hefty penalties and interest onto existing tax debts. We can help alleviate these amounts and help you get relief.
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CRA Tax Payment Plans

Acting as your Advocate with the CRA

Our team can help you negotiate the best possible payment arrangement with CRA Collections.
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Directors’ Liability

CRA Reassessment for Director's Liability?

What is “Directors’ Liability” and can directors be liable for company debts? Find out here and what you can do if you are being held responsible by the CRA.
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GST/HST Taxes Outstanding?

File and Refiling GST/HST Returns

We can help you bring your GST/HST accounts up to date and put you in good standing with the CRA.
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Tax Advice and Planning

Personal and Corporate Tax Planning

Our team can assist individuals, owner operators, and corporations manage their tax issues.
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Tax Investigations

Tax Investigation

The Tax Lawyers at HLG Tax Law can fight for you and protect your rights. HLG Tax Law Lawyers help clients manage and litigate tax disputes at all levels of court.
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Taxpayer Relief

Filing Taxpayer Relief

In some cases, taxpayers may be able to apply for relief for unpaid taxes and penalties.
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Tax Voluntary Disclosure

Bring your Tax Returns Up to Date

We can bring your tax liabilities up to date with the CRA.
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Unreported Income

Unreported Income and Assets

We help resolve unreported income and asset issues to eliminate CRA criminal legal action, penalties, and interest.
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Wage Garnishment

Prompt and Focused Communication with Collections

CRA garnishments can severely reduce your income. We can help remove garnishment orders and give you peace of mind to continue working and earning.
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Wills/Estates/Trusts/Powers of Attorney

Tax Planning and Managing Your Future.

We can assist with Wills, Powers of Attorney and Family Trusts.
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We specialize in tax law. We are the best in the business and pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to our clients.



At HLG Tax Law, being driven means relentlessly pursuing the best outcomes for our clients. We are committed to navigating the complexities of tax law with determination and a focus on achieving the most favorable results.


Our motivation stems from our desire to help our clients overcome their tax challenges. We are energized by each unique case, and our commitment to our clients’ success fuels our efforts to stay at the forefront of tax law.



In the realm of tax law, creativity is key. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and devise innovative strategies that address our clients’ unique situations and objectives, all while adhering to the confines of the law.

We are here to help!

Our deep industry expertise will help you succeed

Resolving tax disputes and financial issues with the Canada Revenue Agency requires an experienced and dedicated tax office. HLG tax law can help!

HLG Tax Law in Toronto has the expertise to challenge the Canada Revenue Agency’s decision. Our business areas cover all aspects of taxation, including IRS disputes, tax planning, and corporate services.

The HLG Tax Act examines your situation in detail, considers your options and provides the best solution for your unique situation. We have helped thousands of Canadian companies and individuals at home and abroad in the Canada Revenue Agency’s business.

What really sets us apart is the level of service we provide to our customers. Customers and their issues are always our top priority.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Taxes are complicated, but we’re here to help. No matter where you are in Toronto, we can provide you with an experienced professional to solve your needs. Getting in touch with us is easy!

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